Table of Contents


Part One

A message from Danni

Chapter 1: Finding Your Tribe

Friendship 101

Chapter 2: Friendship Speedbumps

The 10 steps to conflict resolution
Set limits while widening your circle
Learn to tell the difference between a falling-out and bullying
Assess your friendships and celebrate good ones
How can you cope with missing your old friends?

Chapter 3: A Grateful Heart Is a Happy, Connected Heart

The importance of gratitude
The theory
More gratitude, stronger relationships
The gratitude quiz
The gratitude journal
The gratitude ‘visit’
Giving to the community
Gratitude prompts
21-day gratitude challenge

Chapter 4: Visualisation Exercise and Affirmations

Visualisation Exercise

Part Two

A message from Prue

Chapter 5: Navigating Your New School System

Time to meet your new school system
Assessments: The good, the bad and the ugly
A note on technology for school
Catching up on work you haven’t covered
Is vacation time really a vacation?

Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Workspace and Routines in Your New Home

A home away from home
Key areas to consider for your workspace
Other considerations for your workspace
Establishing after-school routines

Chapter 7: A–Z of Study Skills Secrets

Chapter 8: Useful Grids and Planners

A Final Note


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